should i share my inheritance with my siblings

For his part, my uncle understood and took the opportunity to ask for some specifically sentimenal things that didn't have high cash value but that meant a lot to him.
I have no children.

You understand why they gave him money, but you feel like they are saying they don't love you, and that they don't respect you enough to talk to you about things. Please let this go. To order copies of Therefore you should stop thinking of this as inheritance and start thinking of it as more financial support for your brother.

If I gave all my kids a size 10 sneaker, it would be equal but only fair to the son who wears a 10. It does not, so your objection doesn't hold. At the end of the day this is your mother's money, not your grandparents.

It is her money and not your inheritance---what she decides to do with it is up to her. Listen... according to the US government, a family of four on 25K is just.

If the inheritance involves property, then there could be capital gains tax and stamp duty implications to consider.

But none of these things is the case here.

While inheritances are generally divided so that each beneficiary gets property they own outright, some pieces of property can be …

I am single. Can you bring it up like that? it seems to me like family relations get rocky really fast when it comes to money/property distribution.

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You should familiarize yourself with the terms of the will before you attempt to affect its outcome. The inheritance will, as I see it, allow me to buy a new home and a few more comforts in life, but I really want my siblings to enjoy some of the benefits as well.

It would be different as well if your father had waited until he’d bought you the house to inform you that his gift came with a condition you were sure to hate. If you enjoy our content, don’t keep it to yourself. If they leave it to your mother, then it is her money to do with as she pleases - take a cruise, support your brother, or buy collectibles off ebay. Republication or distribution of this content is

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When my grandmother was planning her estate, she decided to leave unequal amounts to my mother and her brother because they had very different financial situations.

Can I fix her? That said, the answer to your question is “no”—“no,” because there is nothing wrong per se with attaching a condition to a gift.

Because the family is so large and it is so impossible to treat everyone differently and still be fair, so there are rules and procedures to keep order: My mother doesn't like me despite/because of my financial support of her for many years (I own part of the house she would never have been able to buy alone).

If they receive cash which is a gift from the deceased or you it has no taxation implications for them.

There’s no crime in that, not when his daughter is free to turn him down.

My brother and sister both could use the money, and I am not in great financial need. So others have said it isn't your money, and I agree.

My parents are ruining my sister. And he appears to be a bigot to boot. While your father’s offer may be offensive, it is not unfair. Just because you made choices and your brother made choices and he chose to take a job that pays lousy and has no benefits it is not fair that the inheritance wasn't split equally between you and your siblings.

But if you have reason to believe your mother might disapprove of your redistribution plan—and it sounds as if you do—good faith requires that you tell her about it.

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