aboriginal lifestyle before colonisation

Only in recent years have anthologists, archaeologists and academics been able to piece together piece by piece of the lost history.

This will help both Aboriginal students and the rest of Ontario’s students. Kendall S, Lighton S, Sherwood J, Baldry E, Sullivan EA. The most immediate consequence of British settlement - within weeks of the first colonists' arrival - was a wave of Old World epidemic diseases. By the 1870s, all the fertile areas of
Topic:  Discuss ways of incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into classroom curriculum. Case Study Overview Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people lived in all parts of Australia before European settlement in 1788, in very different environments.

We know that they learned how to use the environment wherever they were – in jungle, or desert, or river valleys, on coasts, or grasslands, or swamps. Kendall S, et al. Int J Equity Health. Milica Rados Aboriginal people are the oldest continuing culture to date however since colonisation 60,000 plus years of history and knowledge has been lost due to the attempted assimilation of Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal History and Culture Aborigines are believed to have lived in Australia for between 60,000 and 40,000 years, their early ancestors coming from South-East Asia. The country has witnessed many wars and internal conflicts that can be termed as cultural wars. Incarcerated aboriginal women's experiences of accessing healthcare and the limitations of the 'equal treatment' principle. All Aboriginal sites are significant to Aboriginal people because they are evidence of the past Aboriginal occupation of Australia and are valued as a link with their traditional culture. Survey of the history, society, and culture of the Australian Aboriginal peoples, who are one of the two distinct Indigenous cultural groups of Australia. Introduction, Shared History Immigrants coming to Canada have made it progress to a more multicultural society, making other nations believe that this is the case, however this does not include native societies that have been living in Canada for the longest period of time. It is generally held that they originally came from Asia via insular Southeast Asia and have been in Australia for at least 45,000–50,000 years. In particular, the formation of residential schools. However, these acts pale in comparison to the horrendous acts towards the Canadian Aboriginal Peoples. Notwithstanding these wars and the social disintegration, the Australian communities still lived within the same borders.

See: SBS On Demand for full video 1Hour 10 mins They Have Come to Stay - This landmark series chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspective of its first people.It explores what unfolds when the oldest living culture in the world is overrun by the world's greatest empire, and depicts the true stories of individuals - both black and white.

However, instead of asking for a piece of land, they broke the rule of stealing pieces of land from the Aboriginal peoples.

When European colonists first came to North America, the Aboriginal culture was falsely believed as barbaric and savage, and the so called civilized people thought that they need to take over Aboriginal children’s education, people of Japanese decent out of their homes, and they forced them to remain in internment camps. I respect the vibrant, endless culture that past and present Noongar people bring to this boodja (country). The term ‘shared history’ simply means that Australia’s history is shared between both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and that the country actively acknowledges the fact that the first people who inhabited this country were Aboriginals. Professor Mick Dodson, who was the Australian of the year in 2009 stated the fact that Indigenous, growing awareness of Aboriginal history, solidarity and depth of scholarship in the past to then answer the questions of what are the key areas for change today. SOC 300 500460778
The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Aboriginals live in Canada. The main purpose of Aboriginal education is to pass on the unique cultural elements. 

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