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Buster Keaton, original name Joseph Frank Keaton IV, (born October 4, 1895, Piqua, Kansas, U.S.—died February 1, 1966, Woodland Hills, California), American film comedian and director, the “Great Stone Face” of the silent screen, known for his deadpan expression and his imaginative and often elaborate visual comedy. He explains why it was a project that came from the heart, Peter Bogdanovich, as told to None of these gags is like anything he had done for film previously. Directed, written and produced by Dusty Mancinelli and Madeline Sims-Fewer, the latter also stars as Miriam, by John Bleasdale 21st September 2020, Entertaining, hilarious and occasionally heartbreaking: why you have to watch Rocks, by Jo-Ann Titmarsh 19th September 2020. “We used to get arrested every other week—that is, the old man would get arrested,” Buster recalled. Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence in Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) – cropped screenshot. In it, he sings, dances, juggles, and creates inventive new routines. Author Marion Meade started this myth, the newest in the Keaton pantheon, in her 1995 biography. And no, he doesn’t smile, a fact that by 1925 becomes the best gag in Go West, when a menacing cowboy snarls out (via intertitle), “Smile when you say that.” Buster gives the command a couple of seconds of mildly panicked consideration, and then responds by pushing two fingers on the corners of his mouth. In her indictment, not only has Miller confused performing with reality, she has left out crucial information. Six that’s wonderful.

Keaton was so determined to bring audiences the most fantastic stunts that he nearly died and didn’t even realize. News was frequently imparted by studio PR departments simply to keep actors’ names before the public, with little regard for the accuracy of the information — making up and releasing bits of inventive fiction about actors was considered a perfectly legitimate way of maintaining fan interest. He was undoubtedly frustrated over losing the creative control he had been used to. What Keaton lost was his creative control. Keaton (real name Joseph Frank Keaton IV) possessed a famously high pain threshold, which was just as well considering his line of work. I don’t have a favourite Keaton movie. OPINIONS | Is Fletch Chevy Chase’s perfect comedy vehicle? He joined his parents as part of their vaudeville act on stage at the age of three. What’s your name? Joseph Frank Keaton IV — known from early childhood as “Buster” for his uncanny ability to pull off demanding physical stunts and pratfalls without injury — plied the vaudeville stage from the time he was a tot, starring with his parents in a comedy act billed as “The Three Keatons” and playing the role of a “human mop” who was tossed and thrown about the stage by his much larger father. His period of acute drinking seems to have lasted for only a few years, probably from 1930-31 to 1935. This website uses cookies and sends them to third parties to send you tailor-made ads according to your preferences. They have almost complete records of Houdini’s career except for the crucial years during which this incident would have taken place. I would have liked to tell him I thought he was a genius. Bartine Burkett, Buster’s leading lady from The High Sign (1920), said in an interview with Kevin Brownlow: “We’d be right in the middle of a take, and he’d think of something funny. Ten, I knew that already. Myth: Buster never laughed or smiled on stage or screen. From then on, he was able to handle his liquor, with only occasional exceptions—exceptions not unlike moments experienced by other social drinkers. Keaton laughed or smiled in almost all of his early film appearances with his friend and mentor, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. With a suitcase handle sewn into his clothes to make for easier grabbing and throwing he would be slun anywhere from the orchestra pit to the audience with such vigour that his father was arrested a number of times for child abuse. I can’t even imagine what they were.”, Read another story from us:  Grave Snatchers Once Held Charlie Chaplin’s Body for Ransom.

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