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I had knocked my trench out enough to get my head down and the two under the tree had naturally met with roots, so weren’t very far down. In passing I mention that when our Colonel got wounded the Battalion was taken over by Major John Kerr, who was in the Sergeants’ Mess as a CSM when I went in the Mess in Cumnock, and he eventually became Colonel commanding the Battalion. The Gustav Line was at last breached. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites Adding to the New Zealand Corps’ woes, the aerial bombardment took place a day and a half before the corps was prepared to mount an attack. Like all good things this rest came to an end on 10th May.

We would start off from the Mule Point as it got dark and make our way over the land, hoping that the Royal Engineers had cleared the mines and laid white tapes, and that Jerry didn’t catch us with an Artillery ‘Stonk’. Augmented by the Germans' meticulous deployment of minefields, fortifications and flooding though demolition of stop-banks, Cassino was a defender's dream and an attacking army's nightmare.

Page 4. Bombing of Cassino Monastery and town, by Peter McIntyre.

I lifted his shirt up and could see the wound, so immediately pushed him out of the trench and took him to the RAP, which was luckily only fifty yards or so away in an old barn. New Zealand involvement in this challenging task was in part due to the failure of the American 5th Army's attempt to bypass the German front line by staging a seaborne attack at Anzio, south of Rome. His reaction was to jump into my trench and say “I’ve been hit”. Meet the NZHistory team. You might think why this was necessary when we had fought all through North Africa, Sicily, and from the Toe of Italy up as far as Cassino. The Gustav Line was at last breached. Again I was put in a bad position on the junction of two tracks. New Zealand at War By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. In World War II: The Italian front, 1944 …Line, which was hinged on Monte Cassino. To get back to the Mule Point we had to pass through a village called Caira, which was constantly shelled. Allied forces entered Rome on 4 June, two days before the D-Day landings in Normandy. So I replied “I know them”. Due to the Germans’ demolition of floodbanks south of Cassino, only one New Zealand battalion was able to cross the flooded Rapido in the southern attack. Temporarily heading a New Zealand Corps (a unit which included the New Zealand Division and the 4th Indian Division), Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg now steeled himself and his forces for the battle ahead. So a call of nature had to be answered the best you could. As I have already mentioned tracks are a bad place to be, as they get shelled a lot. The success of the cross-channel invasion meant that the Italian campaign became a secondary theatre of operations, with seven Allied divisions redeployed to France in August 1944. We have 1 event in history, 9 biographies, 16 articles, related to The Italian Campaign. You might think that I was being hard on him but you had to keep a grip on your men. In this part of the campaign the German shellfire and mortar fire including the Neblwerfer, ‘the six barrel mortar’ was far worse than anything we had seen in Africa and Sicily. I looked at him and said “I’ll bloody hit you if you don’t get up.” What had happened, a shell had thrown up some soil that had dropped on his back.
He said “I’ve been hit”. …German resistance in three savage battles. We of the Anti-Tank Platoon couldn’t use our 6-pounder guns in this position, so we had other jobs to do. All non-text content is subject to specific conditions. The Major in charge of the Skins informed the Brigadier that he was being attacked by some bare-arsed barbarians - the problem was soon sorted out. those of the BBC. © Copyright of content contributed to this Archive rests with the author. The Platoon Officer said “Put your gun here” — this was on a track against a big tree.

This was for the benefit of the new lads who had joined us and had not seen action, and also for chaps who had been made up to NCOs to replace those killed and wounded. Although I was a sergeant I was just as frightened as them, but couldn’t show it. Normally I would not have allowed them to disobey my orders. As this included the historic monastery, the decision needed direct approval by the Supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean, General Sir Harold Alexander. One thing that I was not aware of until I read about it in the History of the 38th Irish Brigade happened around this time. There are always some men who show remarkable courage. A large number of Germans died and I understand the Battalion lost four dead and thirty-one wounded. This time it had to succeed. I picked up rifles, Brens etc, and put in the back of my truck. We hadn’t been there long when I could hear someone crying, rather hysterically, so I crawled up the ditch and came across a big chap belonging to some other unit. On February 15 the Allies bombed and demolished the Benedictine monastery, erroneously believing that the Germans had occupied and fortified it. The Inniskillings went on 28th March and were closest to the Monastery, it taking around four hours to climb to the positions. He was a good man but I never saw him again and have often wondered if he survived the war. We wandered about in the mist for quite a time but later the mist cleared and we got on the right track. We had four days to relax and unwind before beginning training ready for the next job, such as river crossing, a thing you couldn’t go far in Italy without meeting, street fighting, and working with tanks. Once again, the Germans put up tenacious resistance from hidden positions in the maze of rubble that was once Cassino. Second World War The success of the cross-channel invasion meant that the Italian campaign became a secondary theatre of operations, with seven Allied divisions redeployed to France in August 1944. They also captured over one hundred prisoners and a good amount of weaponry. Soon after we got orders to hook up and go forward. Enlargement of map of Italy indicating military positions during the Italian Campaign, World War II. The Italian Campaign The struggle for Cassino in early 1944 was one of the most brutal and costly battles involving New Zealand forces in the Second World War. He was awarded the Military Cross for the work he did in carrying badly wounded men while under extreme shellfire in the village of Caira, and that wasn’t the only time. I’ve met him in London several times since the war on the Old Comrades parades and dinners. In January, the Americans had lost a lot of men attempting to cross this river. Parkinson.

So the Brigade took up positions at Cassino. This stretch was known as the ‘Mad Mile’ because the enemy knew we had to cross it. Over to the right I noticed a big hill, so I asked “Who is over there?” He replied “I don’t know” and cleared off.

The Germans' success in resisting the Allied offensive along the Gustav Line prompted the Allies to switch their focus to the Liri Valley, which led directly to Rome. We had to go over a small bridge over a river. The Gustav Line having been taken, the next was the Hitler Line and the objective was Rome — but there were many more battles before we got there.

The following is the 7th installment of the Memories of my Uncle Jim who served in the 1st and 8th Army, who as agreed that they may be posted.

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