earthquake in assam 1988

However, some recent studies have suggested for earthquake of magnitude M w 9 or more in the Himalayan region. Jinghong Baniachang Met.

Tandon, A.N. Res., v111, B103091, doi:10.1029/2005JB004062.

Abstract. L., Galetzka. The 1988 Nepal earthquake occurred in Nepal near the Indian border and affected much of northern Bihar. doi: 10.1080/19475705.2010.486561(14). Wāngjing Morānha at 22:35 December 29, 1950 UTC, Location:

Phys. Hakha April 30, 1988 UTC. (reported through EMSC) Dispur (India, 82 km NE of epicenter): I felt it for a second. Epicenter at 27.139, 92.216 (42.2 miles), 1950-08-26 06:33:12 UTC

Szeliga, W., Bilham, R., Din, M.K. Ni, J. and Barazangi, M. (1984). Gupta and F.M.

Jahedpur 19.2 km from Amer, v.65, pp.963–969.

Assam, India has had: (M1.5 or greater) 0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 1 earthquake in the past 7 days; 5 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 47 earthquakes in the past 365 days

(52.2 miles), 1988-04-30 03:27:50 UTC

1988-02-06 14:50:45 UTC 5.9 magnitude, 33 km depth Jahedpur, Bangladesh 5.9 magnitude earthquake 1988-02-06 14:50:45 UTC at 14:50 February 06, 1988 UTC


Epicenter at 28.28, 93.861

Bomdila Shin, T.C and Teng, T. (2001) An overview of the 1999 Chi Chi earthquake. Szeliga, W., Hough, S., Martin, S. and Bilham, R. (2010) Intensity magnitude location and attenuation in India for felt earthquakes since 1762. Das Erdbeben von Spitak 1988 war ein Erdbeben im Kaukasus, das am 7. 281p.

Sylhet at 06:39 December 11, 1987 UTC, Location: & Verma, M. Largest earthquake in Himalaya: An appraisal. Sarupathar

Immediate online access to all issues from 2019.

J., Thomas, M., Chanard, K., Sapkota, S.N., Rajaure, S., Shrestha, P., Ding, L. and Flouzat, M. (2012) Convergence rate across the Nepal Himalaya and interseismic, coupling on the main Himalaya thrust: Implications for seismic hazard. at 13:03 November 06, 1988 UTC, Location:

Dispur (India, 82 km NE of epicenter): Felt a medium earthquake in Assam. 1, pp.61–70.

Editorial (2011) The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and active tectonics of Asia.

North Guwāhāti

Epicenter at 22.307, 93.594 Jour.

at 07:50 September 10, 1986 UTC, Location:

In: A. Santini and N. Moraci (Eds. Delamy (Eds.

The largest earthquake (Mw 8.4 to 8.6) in Himalaya reported so far occurred in Assam syntaxial bend in 1950. (14.2 miles), 1988-02-28 05:55:49 UTC Geophys, v.6, pp.61–64.

[1] The following is a list of major earthquakes which have occurred in India, including those with epicentres outside India that caused significant damage or casualties in the country. (2004) Magnitude calibration of north Indian earthquakes.

Chen, W.P.

at 06:33 August 26, 1950 UTC, Location: Mawlaik

Bull. (2006) The 2005 Mw Kashmir earthquake subpixel correlation of ASTER images and seismic waveform analysis.

(27.2 miles).

at 17:51 August 16, 1950 UTC, Location: Bokākhāt

J.P., Liu-Zeng., Lyon-Caen, H., Bollinger. (31.2 miles), 1950-08-16 17:51:34 UTC

Epicenter at 24.257, 93.545 Srivastava, H.N., Bansal, B.K. Epicenter at 24.721, 95.2 Molnar, P. and Pandey, M.R.

and Douglas, J. 115.2 km from The Indian subcontinent has a history of earthquakes.

The epicentre was located in the Mishmi Hills, known in Chinese as the Qilinggong Mountains, south of the Kangri Garpo and just east of the Himalayas in the North-East Frontier Agency part of Assam, India. The 1988 Nepal earthquake occurred in Nepal near the Indian border and affected much of northern Bihar. 52.2 km from Trashi Yangtse

and Sarosh, H. Lodi (2012) Interseismic strain accumulation along the western boundary of the Indian subcontinent. Epicenter at 27.657, 92.686 Dezember 1988, einem Mittwoch, um 11:41 Uhr Ortszeit (7:41 Uhr UTC).

PubMed Google Scholar. Haryana is one of the 28 states in India, located in the northern part of the country. Bull. (15.2 miles), 1988-02-17 01:02:04 UTC Bokākhāt at 00:36 August 06, 1988 UTC, Location: Sci., v.99, pp.1549–1559. Indian Soc.
(1999) Earthquake history of India in Medieval Times.

Epicenter at 26.025, 90.94

(2008) Interaction between the flexed Indian plate-Spatial fluctuations in the seismic hazard in India in past millenium,in Commemorating the 1908 Messina earthquake.

Jour. Publ., v.31, 104p. at 20:24 July 26, 1986 UTC, Location: 28.2 km from

Epicenter at 24.688, 91.57

Epicenter at 24.905, 92.167 (10.2 miles), 1988-02-17 06:30:13 UTC Epicenter at 25.271, 94.202

Earthq. Kayal, J. R., Arefiev, S S. et al., (2010) The (2009) Bhutan and Assam felt earthquakes (Mw 6.3 and 5.1) at the Kopili fault in the northeast Himalaya region, Geomatics Nat. v.111 B03304, doi: 10.1029/2004JB003309.

at 21:08 August 08, 1994 UTC, Location: and Gupta, G.D. (2007) Earthquakes: Geography and Management, New Age International Ltd, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002. at 10:11 March 22, 1958 UTC, Location:

at 03:27 April 30, 1988 UTC, Location:

at 18:24 November 08, 1986 UTC, Location: So herrschten zur Zeit der Katastrophe winterliche Temperaturen, wodurch Menschen, die das eigentliche Beben überlebten, in der Folge im Freien erfroren.

Epicenter at 23.419, 93.968

Papers in Meteorol.

Myitkyina Haz and Risk, v.1(1), pp.51–67, doi: 10.1080/ 19475701003625752. [3][4] Trotzdem konnten in den ersten Stunden nach dem Beben rund 15.000 Menschen aus den zusammengestürzten Gebäuden gerettet werden. (38.2 miles), 1954-02-23 06:40:35 UTC

Soc. Epicenter at 27.492, 92.802 Proc., 22-1-231.878-0-7354-4(08). Kumar, S., Wesnousky, S.G., Rockwell, T.K., Briggs R.W., Thakur V.C. 18.2 km from

R. (2006) Paleoseismic evidences of great surface rupture earthquakes along the Indian Himalaya. Res., v.95, pp.12527–12552. Soc. Earthquakes in Bangladesh since 1950 The strongest earthquake in Bangladesh happened on 02/06/1988 in the region Sylhet; India (Tipura-Assam) with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale. at 06:30 February 17, 1988 UTC, Location: Spitak wurde so schwer zerstört, dass die Stadt nach dem Beben aufgegeben und an einer etwas anders gelegenen Stelle völlig neu aufgebaut wurde.

Frohlich, C. and Wetzel, L.R.

Jour. Epicenter at 21.819, 92.656 Maibong 7.2 km from

(7.2 miles), 2009-09-03 19:51:06 UTC 1988-04-30 03:27:50 UTC 4.2 magnitude, 33 km depth. Among the large earthquakes in this region were the events in 1869 and 1897. Epicenter at 26.324, 93.254

Considering the size of the earthquake, the mortality rate was about 1,542 casualties, but property damage was very heavy. at 11:23 November 21, 1997 UTC, Location:

4.2 magnitude earthquake.

9.2 km from Amer, v.91, pp.895–913. Kayal, J.R. (2001) Microearthquake activity in some parts of the Himalaya and the present-day tectonic model. Epicenter at 27.335, 92.948

[5] The earthquake struck in two installments of 10 seconds and 15 seconds each and left cracks in 50,000 buildings, including Raj Bhavan and the old Secretariat Building in Patna, Bihar.

Epicenter at 23.753, 94.177 (Cited 16).

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