earthquake today in bihar muzaffarpur

16th September 2020. at 01:33 March 20, 2020 UTC, Location:

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his second election rally in Muzaffarpur for the second phase of campaigning for Bihar assembly elections.

20.2 km from at 22:45 May 14, 2016 UTC, Location:

उन्होंने जमीन के अंदर से आ रही अजीबो-गरीब आवाजों से यह अनुमान लगाया कि एक बार फिर नेपाल बड़े भूकंप की चपेट में आ सकता है.

Epicenter at 27.9, 85.648

at 18:08 May 12, 2020 UTC, Location:

50.2 km from

Epicenter at 27.355, 85.956

at 04:21 February 27, 2017 UTC, Location: Epicenter at 28.607, 87.33 Nagarkot The first Tesla taxi in NYC just hit the streets as the city's only electric yellow cab. Epicenter at 27.84, 85.249

12.2 km from

(17.2 miles), 2019-01-22 16:45:15 UTC Muzaffarpur is the second largest Populated city of Bihar and called as Lichi City of India. Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks.

Earthquake today in bihar. He was addressing people in Muzaffarpur's M (8.2 miles), 2016-04-12 14:41:52 UTC (26.2 miles), 2017-07-02 01:58:27 UTC (19.2 miles), 2015-05-12 08:13:54 UTC Kathmandu

24.2 km from

at 16:23 November 27, 2019 UTC, Location:

9.2 km from at 00:44 April 24, 2019 UTC, Location: Namche Bazar

Mag Epicenter at 27.746, 86.245

at 23:34 September 15, 2020 UTC, Location:

at 08:13 May 12, 2015 UTC, Location: Kothari Kirtipur (16.2 miles), 2015-05-12 07:36:54 UTC Bhojpur Tweet 0 Share 10 Share 10.

at 05:17 May 25, 2019 UTC, Location:

(12.2 miles), 2016-05-14 22:45:55 UTC

13.2 km from

1 Comment. at 08:06 May 12, 2015 UTC, Location: (10.2 miles), 2015-04-26 07:09:10 UTC

(0.2 miles).

See latest news of Muzaffarpur, Get Information about pin code, muzaffarpur to patna and Darbhanga distance, map of airport and Bus stand, Passport and DTO office. Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks. Kothari Epicenter at 27.723, 85.534 Nagarkot

(14.2 miles), 2015-05-12 08:06:05 UTC Epicenter at 27.489, 85.73 Epicenter at 27.846, 85.877 रेलवे ने कैंसल की ये ट्रेन, कई के रूट हो गये हैं डायवर्ट, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah : असल जिंदगी में दोस्त नहीं है भिड़े की बेटी 'सोनू' और जेठालाल का बेटा 'टप्पू', एक्ट्रेस ने बताई थी ये वजह, Bihar Election 2020 LIVE Updates: अबकी बार किसकी बिहार में किसकी सरकार, बस बाकी रह गया कुछ घंटों का इंतजार, गजब की हॉट हैं हिना खान, एक्ट्रेस की 'अंडरवाटर' तसवीरें सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah : 'सोनू' का किरदार निभाने वाली 'झील मेहता' ने इस वजह से छोड़ दिया था शो, जानिए कैसी है लाइफस्टाइल, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: 'बबीता जी' ने बिकिनी में पोज देते हुए बढ़ाया इंटरनेट का पारा, पानी के बीच दिखा हॉट अंदाज, Dhanteras 2020 में खरीदारी के कुल 4 शुभ मुहूर्त, 12-13 नवंबर को मनायी जायेगी धन्वंतरि जयंती, जानें इसका महत्व व मान्यताएं, 'नागिन' फेम सुरभि चंदना ने समुद्र किनारे दिए दिलकश पोज, एक्‍ट्रेस के बोल्‍ड अंदाज ने सोशल मीडिया पर मचाई हलचल, PHOTOS, earthquake in nepal kathmandu today bihar muzaffarpur madhubani earthquake latest updates avh. 16.2 km from

Epicenter at 27.783, 84.638 30.2 km from

28.2 km from

69.2 km from

भूकंप का झटका इतना जोरदार था कि इसका असर नेपाल से सटे बिहार के कुछ इलाकों में भी महसूस किया गया है.

(18.2 miles), 2020-03-20 01:33:15 UTC 28.2 km from 19.2 km from


The biggest web developemnt company Web On Spot. (34.2 miles), 2016-09-18 17:14:17 UTC (12.2 miles), 2015-04-26 16:26:06 UTC नेपाल सिस्मोलॉजी सेंटर ने बताया कि आज सुबह 5.19 मिनट पर भूकंप का झटका महसूस किया गया.


Kothari 1.2 km from (37.2 miles), 2017-02-27 04:21:42 UTC (0.2 miles).

Epicenter at 27.594, 85.293 (34.2 miles), 2016-09-18 17:14:17 UTC Kothari

Breaking News. A slipper was thrown at Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar by some protestors on Monday while he was going towards his helicopter after addressing a rally in Muzaffarpur district's Sakra.

60.2 km from Epicenter at 27.72, 86.05

City Muzaffarpur News PATNA: Earthquake today at mid night being observed at Magnitude of 4.9 in region of Bihar and surrounding area including Nepal and China.

Epicenter at 27.236, 86.112 at 22:45 May 14, 2016 UTC, Location: Epicenter at 27.722, 86.016 Nagarkot

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City Muzaffarpur. Welcome to muzaffarpur Bihar. Panauti̇̄ at 03:37 February 27, 2017 UTC, Location:

60.2 km from (8.2 miles), 2016-05-23 19:09:53 UTC (26.2 miles), 2015-05-12 07:34:22 UTC

87.2 km from

Nagarkot 6.3 magnitude earthquake 2015-05-12 07:36:54 UTC at 07:36 May 12, 2015 UTC Location: Epicenter at 27.625, 86.162 42.2 km from Kothari (26.2 miles)

Epicenter at 27.846, 85.877

Epicenter at 27.644, 85.408 Kirtipur Kothari

at 16:26 April 26, 2015 UTC, Location:

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Epicenter at 27.587, 85.506 Bhojpur

23.2 km from at 13:26 December 12, 2019 UTC, Location: Epicenter at 27.723, 85.534 Muzaffarpur is the second largest Populated city of Bihar and called as Lichi City of India. at 23:16 April 25, 2015 UTC, Location:

Epicenter at 27.799, 85.027

रिक्टर स्केल पर यह स्पीड 6.0 था. 5.3 magnitude earthquake 2015-04-25 08:55:55 UTC at 08:55 April 25, 2015 UTC Location: Epicenter at 27.587, 85.506 0.2 km from Panauti̇̄ (0.2 miles) 28.2 km from

Epicenter at 27.355, 85.956

21.2 km from at 04:31 April 04, 2016 UTC, Location: भूकंप का झटका उत्तरीबिहार के कुछ इलाकों में भी महसूस किया गया है. Bihar, India has had: (M1.5 or greater) 0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 0 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 0 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 11 earthquakes in the past 365 days Epicenter at 27.771, 86.017 2015 में आया था प्रलयकारी भूकंप- नेपाल में 2015 में प्रलयकारी भूकंप आया था.

at 21:27 March 14, 2016 UTC, Location: (5.2 miles), 2016-04-04 04:31:26 UTC

21.2 km from

at 16:23 November 27, 2019 UTC, Location:

Kothari Epicenter at 27.496, 86.169


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50.2 km from (31.2 miles), 2017-02-27 03:37:46 UTC (12.2 miles), 2019-05-25 05:17:24 UTC

at 21:38 May 13, 2015 UTC, Location:

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at 21:25 May 12, 2015 UTC, Location: Earthquake in Bihar An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale was felt in Patna and other parts of Bihar Saturday evening but there was no report of damage due it. Epicenter at 27.236, 86.112 Epicenter at 27.264, 86.921 2020-09-15 23:34:03 UTC at 01:58 July 02, 2017 UTC, Location: Panauti̇̄ नेपाल की राजधानी काठमांडू घाटी में आज तड़के जोरदार भूकंप का झटका महसूस किया गया है.

at 04:07 June 28, 2018 UTC, Location:

Janakpur at 16:45 January 22, 2019 UTC, Location: Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks. 16.2 km from

87.2 km from at 18:08 May 12, 2020 UTC, Location: Lobujya

at 01:58 July 02, 2017 UTC, Location: Kothari

Epicenter at 27.73, 86.132

Epicenter at 27.846, 85.877 रिक्टर स्केल पर यह स्पीड 6.0 था.

(10.2 miles), 2015-11-19 04:15:52 UTC

(14.2 miles), 2016-03-14 21:27:35 UTC Kirtipur Pātan

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