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WordPress, Doctors baffled by mystery illness which causes woman to grow fingernails instead of hair, 4 Nail Care Tips for Girls – Must read for better nails, Nail Care Tips – An Ultimate Guide to Take Care Of Your Nails, Natural Nail Polish Remover - Homemade | Nails Journal, How to Grow Long Strong Nails Naturally | Nails Journal, Is it Bad to Cut Your Cuticles? The nails on a woman’s hands and feet typically grow more slowly than the nails on a man’s. I love to make people happy!” says Baham. That means the same foods that are good for the hair are good for the nails also.

No one wants any kinds of patches or spots... Clinical study confirms the Effect of Furocyst in PCOS  3.

Only the area around the nails can sweat; the nail beds themselves are unable to do so. Color of the Nails, their shape, their size etc. Typing with your Nails will actually Stimulate their Growth and has a Similar effect to a Nail massage. The speed by which the nail grows is around 1 cm for every 100 days, so with this pace you can get estimation that for a finger nail ... #2: Fastest & Slowest Nails. Keep visiting us , Trends and Health is a contemporary web portal that caters everything you would love to read about - Health, Home Remedies, Interesting facts, Relationship Help, Motivational & Inspirational thoughts and a much more.

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So, here are a number of fascinating & interesting facts about nails you never knew. Middle fingernail grows faster than other fingernails. However nails do not sweat and the cause is that they do not have at all sweat glands. Another interesting facts about nails is that the longest nail to be witness was of 48 inches it’s of an Indian. Nails of Men tend to grow faster than the nails of  women. There are millions of nail polish varieties! Because of that, toenails grow a little bit slower, with an average of 1.6 millimeters a month. To thin it, add a few drops of nail-lacquer thinner. The cuticles around your nails are to lock down the moisture of the nails which keeps the nail moisturized and strong. Those in the lower classes wore light colors while the elite was allowed to put on red and other darker shades. Nails need blood, oxygen and nutrients for a proper growth. Stress and improper sleep diverts energy and nutrients away from, Do you know, your nail tells a lot about your health. Your email address will not be published. Nail polish is the amazing product we use when we feel like painting our nails!

For sure, there are things you don’t know about nails and your nail polish. Both Nails and Hairs are made up of the same stuff known as Keratin. The most motivating fact about the middle finger is that, its nail grows the best whereas the slowest rising nail is that of your thumb. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker, Interesting Facts about Nails and Nail Polish, 7 Tips to Consider When Starting Your Fashion Brand, Get to know Fashion Nova CEO, Richard Saghian, Tripadvisor has rated Escape Hour Escape rooms highly. Before you read ahead... Its rainy season, and being this humid all around, having a good face wash is very important or you might end up... One Life is a known brand and is particularly known for its health supplements. Okay, we all have heard this and are still hearing it every now and then, this is a very famous MYTH. You can also find us on. Children between the age of 10 and 18 have the Habit of biting Nails. You may even preserve a bottle for your future grandchildren to use without any worry of its expiry. Do you know, your nail tells a lot about your health. This is why Nails are Tougher than hair. Lung Diseases makes your nails look blueish.

Strangely, the longer the fingers, the faster the nails grow – the middle nail grows the fastest and the thumbnail grows the slowest. He he! Other than nutrient deficiency, pressure or trauma to the nail plate can also make that white spot. Nails and Hairs have a relationship, a lesser known one. Make sure not to upset cuticles and if you have a cuticle injury, treat it as soon as possible. Most of the mammals have claws and the primates (including humans) have fingernails. We have a tendency to believe that our nails sweat. Hope you liked all these interesting facts about nails. Nails can tell a lot about your overall health. If your body is destitute of water then in such circumstances, your nails may also dry, which is not a very strong sign. When Nails are used to Scratch a Chalkboard, people Cringe. Nail growth is affected by nutrition, hormone & age. The nail, though it’s hard, is still skin. White spots on nails outcomes of some kind of Trauma that befell nail plates or the matrix which essentially is the source of the nail plate. French manicures, on the other hand, really did come from France. Fingernails grow at a rate of 3.5 mm per month while Toe nails only Manage 1.6 mm a month. Menard was working then for a company named Charles Revson, which is now known as Revlon. Thumb fingernail grows slower than other nails. Though there are instance when you really see sweat in the region of the nails and this is for the reason that the skin around that region really gets sweaty. According to psychological experts, color preferences are usually a reflection of our current mental state and the thoughts that are subconsciously stored in our memories. A well-educated dermatologist can tell about your body … However, nail polish removers do not have any shelf life. The rate of nail growth is affected by a lot of things like gender, hormones, weather and hand activity.

Aside from the stubbed toe, a broken fingernail, or the occasional mani-pedi, we don’t give our nails much thought. Fingernails have a Faster growth rate compared to Toe nails. Acrylic Nails are used to cover the whole nail or used for at the end of the nail for the “tip effect” for added beauty. The black and blue of the nail after injury shows how delicate our nail beds are. Fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month, whereas toenails grow an average of 1.6 millimeters a month. Do you know nails & hairs are made of protein keratin. Luke Ward is the founder of The Fact Site. So what do we do instead to maintain gorgeous hair? Manicure has been around 4000 years.

People from the lower class were not allowed to color their nails. Nails are a mirror of Overall health of a person. According to a research, most of people get rid of this habit of nail biting on their own by the age of 30. Nail polish was invented in ancient times. 4. There is no methodical theory to figure its basis and a likely explanation of this hypothesis is that you may end up injuring yourself if you do not incise your nails in enough light. Although it can be because of deficiency of Calcium, zinc, vitamin or there can be other reasons too. can actually Help doctors identify several Health conditions.

You may have also come across a very widespread superstition that populace should not cut their nails after dim since it brings bad luck. Look this pic. … This is not really harmful but of course it is Unsanitary. 15 Interesting Facts about Nails You Never Knew, Ok, now don’t say nail biting is nail biting…, Nail biting is a nervous habit and is known as, Your stress levels can inhibit nail growth.

Nails grow at a Faster rate in Males compared to Females. If you have nails, you should check out the facts and learn something new! The longest finger nail ever recorded was that of an Indian guy and it was 48 inches long. Cutting your nails after sunset is not bad luck (superstitious)you can cut, but assure that you’ve enough light. Thus it provides an feeling that the nails are still rising after the death. Summers are back and so is the... TrendsnHealth.com is a contemporary website dealing with latest Trends, Health, Fitness, Home Remedies, Motivation, Relationships, Shocking Rare facts and Social Issues. They are essentially bits of the nail cuticle that become dry and brittle and separate from the skin. The name is most often applied to land snails. Most people don’t unless you’re a nail junkie or a manicurist who is totally in love with your job.

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