hangboard mounting

Don't foget to chanfer the exterior edge of the board. I used two plates of 50 by 80mm for the mounting plates with four holes for 30mm long screws.
you can finally install the board, usnig a ladder choose the right height for you and then mark it on the wall. Try measuring the clearence you need between the wall and the bar when doing a pullup, this will determine the length of the bracket, i used about 60mm from the wall.

Then, remove the end cap from the handle of the Pull-Up Bar. - flat iron for the brackets, I used about 400 mm by 50 mm with a thickness of 10mm. Share it with us! Your completed hangboard mount should look like this.

When cut, chanfer the plates and the brackets with a flap wheel on your angle grinder, make shure there are no burrs or sharp edges.

Then use the screws that come with the hangboard for the rest of the holes.
To mount your hangboard with this method, you’ll need: 1 – Hangboard; 1 – 2×8 board; Wood Screws; 2 – ½” Galvanized Flange; 2 – ½” x 4″ Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipple ; Duct Tape; Start by assembling the hangboard/wooden board as above. I recommend tacking the two pieces of steel together, that way you only have to cut once, but be careful it is very easy to accidentally cut on an angle when grinding through 20 mm of steel. with the help of your cad design you can start drawing all the locations of grooves by using the center of the two holes you used to make the groove.

Traditional mounting requires one to screw holes into the wall and fasten the hangboard in place. You can then drill the holes usign the same diameter drill as the heigt of the grooves. and you can finish this step by welding the bar on the bracket. Installing a Hangboard. Generally, mounting will require you to drill a few holes on the wall to screw the hangboard. be careful, make shure the bar or the mounting holes aren't in the way when screwing it to the wall. It can be used to strenghten your fingers, hands, arms and upper body. Did you make this project? While this offers great security, you may not have this option.

Slide the steel pipe + flange into the open end … when all the grooves are drawn and you have checked that you have enough space left for mounting holes and the brackets for the pull-up bar, you can cut the grooves and place the locations for mounting holes and brackets. After that you can use a wood rasp to get closer to the required dimensions, both in the grooves and on the overall shape of the board.

the last step of the design process is to choose the radius of the chanfers and to make shure they fit with a decent amount of space between each groove. This Hangboard is easy and cheap to make if you have the right tools.It can be used to strenghten your fingers, hands, arms and upper body. However, some of the more solid options can be used virtually anywhere.

you can find a part of the bracket on the file above wich can be printed and glued on your piece of steel to cut it out with an angle grinder. once they are cut in the right shape and safe to handle drill the holes fot the mounting screws, and I also recommend chanfering the holes so that the screws dont stick out.

When you are done with you can open Fusion 360 and start drawing the rough shape. I opted for three mounting holes and i used 100 mm long M8 wood bolts, and to avoid them sticking out i drilled a bigger hole using a forstner bit wiich has the depth of the height of the bolt head + a spacer. It is also quite compact and you can install it anywhere.

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