how does a composting toilet work in a tiny house

Another important distinction between the types of composting systems is the self-contained compost toilet and the central compost toilet system. I do really believe in this product, and I would promote it with or without an incentive. I do love that! After use, simply push the flush button and the bag you deposited your waste into is sealed, pulled into the bottom of the unit, and stored for later disposal. Ok so why doesn’t this one smell? While the waste itself would eventually break down if left on its own, the process would take a long time and produce foul odors. That is the one time you’ll smell any odor is when the seat lifts to give you access to change the bag of waste out since the trap door isnt closed and the fan isnt able to expel the odor. It’s intimidating, however once you start using one it won’t even be a second thought after a week or two initially. in regards to getting sick, even before we lived in the tiny house if one of us was feeling ill we would always use a small wastebasket with a trash bag in there, we do not expel in the composting toilet or regular toilet before that.

Aside from the positives I’ve already talked about (less maintenance, less smell, easy installation, and water savings) my tiny house composting toilet has one other advantage over the RV flush toilet – it’s virtually silent! An added bonus is that you can use as many moist towelettes as you please and don’t have to worry about it being hard on your plumbing!

This quickens the composting process. You’re very welcome! I’ve tried enzyme drain openers, but they don’t seem to work with the urine crystals. anything that goes in the number “2” part of the toilet should be able to be composted. Odor Eliminating Tip:  Add one cup of white vinegar to the bottom of the liquid waste container after emptying. Do you ever have to ‘examine’ the waste or does the system kinda seal the bag and then you just have to lift it and dispose of it? Most modern compost toilets are made with the DIYer in mind and are pretty straight forward to install. Composting Toilet In a Tiny House The most popular choice for tiny house toilet systems is the composting toilet. However we didn’t start to weekly pour down water and vinegar until about a year after using it as we didn’t notice any crystalizing until then and we could hear the draining of the urine line being really slow and kind of blocked up.

That’s my experience thus far as a woman who was not all that thrilled to having to give up a regular toilet in the beginning, I am quite content with it. Not to be nasty but back to the being sick part.

Understandably, handling human waste is not something we all get up in the morning looking forward to. Does it smell? Also, have a look at the Sustainable Sanitation and Waste Management site for their take on this topic. I do agree it is a great toilet, and good on Rafael! Give us a call - we are always happy to help. what tricks have you used to help with that issue? It uses a fast aerobic decomposition method, which turns biological waste into rich compost by turning it into water and carbon dioxide that can be used as a soil amendment. So the solid goes into the trap door section which is a large capacity bucket that both the solid waste and toilet paper and/or moist wipes go into. It’s very compostable and not at all stinky. One day, I plan on reusing the fully composted contents in a flower bed or lawn.

Find out how you can purchase your quality, custom tiny house trailer, for less! This could make your house smell like an outhouse. I think we got our trash can on Amazon for about $25-$30 or so.

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