hurricane mitch total fatalities

The storm reattained winds of 70 mph (110 km/h) before it made a final landfall near Naples, Florida on November 5. [11] The storm impacted 2,135 homes to some degree, of which 241 were destroyed,[14] leaving 4,000 homeless. [11] The highest official total was 928 mm (36.5 in) at Choluteca, which represented more than half of the annual precipitation average; at the same location, 466.7 mm (18.37 in) fell in a 24-hour period on October 31, which was more than double of the previous record set in 1985. One tree fell onto a car in Louth, severely injuring the driver. [19] Most of the Bay Islands had damage to their water facilities. The hurricane’s slow speed, about 7.4 km/h (4.6 mph), and its movement over the Cordillera Isabelia mountain range caused a tremendous amount of rain to fall in Honduras and Nicaragua. After being upgraded to a hurricane on October 24, Mitch entered a period of rapid intensification, and, by the afternoon of October 26, it had grown into a category 5 hurricane—the highest rating on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. After wreaking havoc on Central America, Hurricane Mitch moved east-northeast, regaining its strength in the Bay of Campeche and hitting Florida as a tropical storm on November 5. The storm reached peak intensity on 26 October as a Category 5 hurricane displaying sustained winds of about 290 km/h (180 mph) and a low pressure of 905 mb – making it the lowest recorded pressure for any October hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic at that time. The thirteenth named storm, ninth hurricane, and third major hurricane of the 1998 Atlantic hurricane season, Mitch formed in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22, and after drifting through extremely favorable conditions, it rapidly strengthened to peak at Category 5 status, the highest possible rating on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. However, rebuilding provided jobs in the following years. Mitch affected 115 sq. [46], Mitch caused such massive and widespread damage that Honduran President Carlos Roberto Flores claimed it destroyed fifty years of progress in the country. Throughout Central America, which was recovering from an economic crisis that occurred in 1996, many wished to continue the growth of the infrastructure and economy. Here, Mitch lingered as it regained tropical storm status, but as it made another landfall over the northwestern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on 4 November, it weakened to a tropical depression. [20] Two days of winds exceeding 200 km/h (120 mph) destroyed nearly all of the plants and trees on Guanaja, uprooting or knocking down almost the entire mangrove forest. Hurricane Mitch is the second-deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record, causing over 11,000 fatalities in Central America in 1998, including approximately 7,000 in Honduras and 3,800 in Nicaragua due to catastrophic flooding from the slow motion of the storm.

[23] The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean estimated that Mitch caused the worst floods of the 20th century in the country. There were heavy losses in livestock as well, including the deaths of 10,000 cattle. Damage was relatively minimal, amounting to blown out windows and beach erosion. Many thousands of homes and a great number of crops and livestock were destroyed throughout the rest of Central America as well. The flooding washed away a few roads and bridges, and damaged numerous houses and schools, leaving thousands homeless. Across the country, flooding damaged or destroyed 840 miles (1350 km) of roads, of which nearly 400 miles (640 km) were sections of major highways. Rainfall totals amounted to over 912 mm (35.9 in) in Choluteca, Honduras, with other parts of the country receiving accumulations of over 250 mm (10 in). In addition, Mitch is the eighth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, tied with Hurricane Dean in 2007 in terms of pressure. Nulla facilisi. The storm wrecked about 35,000 houses and damaged another 50,000, leaving up to 1.5 million people homeless, or about 20 percent of the country's population.

As many as 23,900 homes were destroyed in Nicaragua along with 340 schools, and about 750,000 people lost their homes or possessions with half a million houses damaged. They also at first offered only $2 million (1998 USD) in aid, which came as a shock to residents, and president Carlos Roberto Flores alike. After the disaster caused by Hurricane Mitch, countries around the world donated significant aid, totaling $6.3 billion (1998 USD). [4] Gusty winds left 100,000 without power during the storm's passage. Over 2,328 cases of cholera were reported, killing 34 people. On November 3, the remnants redeveloped into a tropical storm just off the coast of the Mexican state of Campeche, and a day later the storm made another landfall just north of the city of Campeche. Deaths due to catastrophic flooding made it the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane in history after the Great Hurricane of 1780; at least 11,374 people were confirmed to have been killed with over 11,000 left missing by the end of 1998; the true death toll may never be known. [27] 340 schools and 90 health centers were severely damaged or destroyed. On 24 October, the storm developed into a hurricane 469 km (293 mi) south-southwest of Kingston, Jamaica. With millions left homeless and property damage of roughly $6 billion, it was also one of the most destructive. The floods, mud slides, and wind damaged Honduras’s entire infrastructure, ruined its agricultural crops, and demolished population centres throughout the country. The amount of flooding resulting from Mitch’s rains can be partially attributed to the widespread use of slash and burn agriculture in Honduras, a method where fertile forests are eliminated to make way for agriculture. Nearly 11,000 people were confirmed dead, and almost as many reported missing. Widespread areas experienced power outages, and about 70 percent of the country lost water after the storm.

The overall impact represented about 70% of Honduras's annual gross domestic product (GDP). The President of Honduras estimated that Mitch set back 50 years of economic development. Hurricane Mitch was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since the Great Hurricane of 1780, displacing the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 as the second-deadliest on record. [22], While moving slowly for several days offshore Honduras, Hurricane Mitch drew moisture from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, producing high amounts of rainfall of over 300 mm (12 in) per day. International relief efforts provided significant help. The mudslide buried at least four villages completely in several feet of mud. [47] The U.S. administration offered at first troops stationed in Honduras, and then withdrew them a few days after the storm. [32], In Jamaica, where officials declared hurricane warnings 12 hours prior to its closest approach,[4] Mitch caused moderate rainfall and gusty winds for days. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Mud slides on Casita Volcano, northwestern Nicaragua, caused by Hurricane Mitch, 1998; the volcano eventually collapsed. [2], Tropical Depression Thirteen formed on October 22 over the southwestern Caribbean Sea, from a tropical wave that exited Africa on October 10.

The flooding damaged more than 10,000 houses, leaving around 84,000 homeless[15] and forcing 500,000 to evacuate. Hurricane Mitch produced incredible rainfall, which caused widespread flooding and generated many landslides, predominantly in Honduras and Nicaragua. Damage in the United States was $40 million (1998 USD), due to the destruction of 645 homes in Florida caused by tornadoes. [11], In Costa Rica, Mitch dropped heavy rains, causing flash flooding and mudslides across the country, mostly in the northeastern part of the country. However, lack of arable crop land took away the jobs from many, decreasing an already low income even lower.

[48] The Honduran government distributed food, water, and medical services to the hurricane victims, including the more than 4 million without water.

Hurricane Mitch left widespread power outages after damaging more than 385 km (239 mi) of power lines and several power plants. [23] There were unofficial rainfall totals in Central America as high as 1,900 mm (75 in); rain gauges in mountainous areas were washed away. [11] Honduras, the country most affected by the hurricane, received significant aid for the millions impacted by the hurricane. Another notable storm whose name…. [11], Mitch was also responsible for the loss with all hands of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises' schooner Fantome. Mitch made landfall in northern Honduras on October 29 and then moved slowly inland while continuing to produce tremendous amounts of rain. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). However, the hurricane's upwelling cooled the warm water temperatures, preventing significant bleaching and destruction of the coral reef. In addition, the flooding destroyed 27 schools and damaged 286 others, 175 severely. During the second week of October 1998, a tropical wave moved through West Africa and off the coast on 10 October. Over 70 percent of the transportation infrastructure was damaged, mostly damaged highways and bridges. [19] About 70% of Honduras lost access to fresh water after the storm, although many rural areas had already been experiencing water shortages. Praesent eget mauris vitae purus aliquet pretium. [11] The maximum 24-hour rainfall total from Mitch was 13.4 inches (340 mm) in Campeche,[38] while the highest rainfall total was 16.85 inches (428.0 mm) in Ciudad del Carmen. Flash floods and mudslides associated with Mitch’s rainfall destroyed tens of thousands of homes, rendering over 20% of Honduras’s population homeless. Total agricultural and livestock damaged amounted to $154 million (1998 USD). Crops and fisheries were affected greatly as well, and, combined with agricultural losses, damage totaled to $185 million (1998 USD). [23] The combined damage to transportation, communication, utilities, including power and water, was estimated at $665 million.

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