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Think of the Kimberly region of Western Australia … if you travel through the Kimberly with its large Aboriginal population and the diversity of people within this region, it’s just like travelling through Europe with its changing cultures and languages. You will not receive a reply. The beginner’s intensive was run at the Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD). Tusaalanga: Learn the Inuit language Source: Pirurvik Centre.

This pilot recognises that, to be fully effective, language and culture perspectives need to be embedded into teaching and learning programs across all key learning areas – not solely taught in discrete classes. My language had stagnated whilst I’d returned to brushing up on Indonesian instead. I’ve also sought out the accounts of other unwritten language learners and discovered the strategies of uncommon language learners, especially rogue polyglots and language hackers. While I understand the concerns of those who would limit learning to Natives only, I see the possibilities and value in cross-cultural learning and sharing. Aboriginal languages are said to be part of our shared national heritage. If we learn one language we are better able to go on to learn other languages.
Scan, 39(10). Teaching resources. During COVID-19 disruption, these have been developed further and have proved invaluable. School and Aboriginal Community Partnerships, QALT Quality Aboriginal Languages Teaching, The sounds and writing systems of Aboriginal languages, NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website, Assessment Certification Examination (ACE), The sounds and writing systems of Aboriginal languages ». Australian Aboriginal languages are a unique language group, having no generally accepted genetic connections with non-Australian languages. The teaching and learning of Aboriginal Languages in schools across the Nests is also supported by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) which provides syllabus content, as well as programming and assessment information, for the Aboriginal Languages courses. Dr Rowan Savage is a proud Kombumerri man living on Gadigal Land who works in the field of Aboriginal education. This was due to my own busy-ness, the availability (or lack of) self-study resources, and an absolute dearth of TV shows, movies, spoken recordings and podcasts of Arrernte. NSW Department of Education. The population of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is extremely diverse in its culture with many different languages spoken.

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