lilac hydro flask 18 oz

This is my first Hydroflask and I bought a pretty white boot (different brand) so I can match the pretty pastel color. It is making her more responsible for drinking water during the day. And they can keep liquids cold (or warm) forever! My only critic is that is dents EASILY, so don't drop it. Love the product. It's well worth the hefty price tag. I just don't have the motivation to get it replaced. Great construction and quality. I drink plenty of water during the day so I usually refill it once or twice. The way this bottle maintains temperature of my water is unbelievable. This water bottle is a great size, fits perfectly in my hands, very easy to hold. Keeps water cold even overnight. And this seller - rocked! Kept my drinks cold for hot hikes while over seas. Absolutely love it!! I take it with me everywhere I go. You pay for the quality but it's worth it. Must buy. It keeps her water cold all day long in school. Awesome water bottle! Worth the buy time and time again! Keep my water hot or cold for a long time. I have ordered many of these for my family. Not unusual to still find ice in it the next morning and we have had a hot summer! Thank you!! I was easily able to notice how much longer my water stayed cold and it has turned into a constant competition with my family of whose ice lasts longer. This Hydro Flask bottle is even better than the Alfi because the lid is one piece with a loop to keep me from dropping it and the mouth is not so wide that it gives me a bath when drinking from it, but wide enough so I can clean it properly with a bottle brush. My daughter loved it. Great water bottle. This size is great for a day trek; love the easy-to-hold handle. I like to cut down on stops at eating establishments. Only thing you can't do is put tap water into it and then put it in the fridge as it will not get cold due to insulation. Holds the temperature extremely well, and for a long time. Highly recommend this! It's perfect. The only problem that I have with it, and it's my fault, is that I did not know that there were different lid styles so I ordered this one unknowingly. I love it! After informing Amazon I returned it to a Kohl's and it was replaced in no time. Next order will be including this lol, My daughter loves this for cheer. Plus I love the carrying strap on top for when I'm carrying other things, only needs a finger to hold. She was able to add her stickers and had no issues with the stickers falling off!! Standard Mouth Insulated Water Bottle will keep your water or beverage ice cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 6 hours. Fortunately, I was able to order a pack of 3 lids that have a straw and a spout option, so that fixed my problem. Durable. Love my new water bottle. This bottle is easy to hold, not too heavy, and will keep water cold as I walk. I own several real ones. Keeps cold as the advertised time 24 plus hours. Amazing. Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the contents hot for 6 hrs. it's great but be careful not to drop it because it dents super easy. The bottle keeps my water cold pretty much all day, although I drink a lot of water so I'm constantly refilling. Keeps whatever temperature, cold or warm, for hours and hours and hours. I LOVEEEE this waterbottle! Great looking bottle. I usually add 2 ice cubes in it in the morning and it stays fresh all day! This thing is amazing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Does an amazing job of maintaining the temperature of whatever cold or hot liquid for most of the day. Easy to hold, never gets condensation due to the insulation, and seems to repel water even when it runs down the sides. Awesome product. Keeps my water ice cold. Cold water all day every day, dents fairly easily but that is to be expected of an insulated bottle. This water bottle is cute and arrived in great time. Every family member has their own color so we can easily grab our own bottle. It's durable and seems like a quality item. Great water bottle, this size fits my cup holder in my car! Great, left mine in the car during a 100+ day and the water was still cold 8 hours later. The only thing I had to buy the sipping item separate which it comes free when you purchase the larger hydro flask! I haven't used it for hot beverages yet but in the winter I will give it a try. Features. I have had this hydro flask for the past 2 to 3 months and it does not let me down. I love hydro flask. He absolutely loves it! I left the flask in my car in the summer 100 deg over 4 hour period and my water was still cold with ice in it still. So I bought one for myself. She loved it. She carries to school every day and volleyball practice. I would recommend this to anyone. She likes it. I love this water bottle! Boyfriend liked it, the color seems hard to determine, depending on the lighting, it looks more green or blue. Perfect for morning hikes, afternoon ski lessons, or evenings by the campfire, our Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth bottle keeps your ice water ice cold for up to 24 hours or piping hot up to 12. Genuine item from . Love these water bottles. Already traveled on a plane with it, took it to the beach, take it to and from work on my bike every day, and dropped it on the floor. Stylish and is my daughters favorite water bottle to carry. Going to try the straw top. My son loves using for water. No more drinking luke warm water or lugging around a cooler. I just received this. And light weight too! Awesome!! sweating. I took a couple of pix to show this. I miss the old nonflex lids. If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. Loooooove this bottle! It was a gift. I do it on accident (and purpose) all the time. Exact OEM hydro flask. Got this as a birthday gift for my kid and she was so excited and has carried it everyday since! Use this mainly to carry milk for when being out of the house for more then 3-4 hours and keeps milk cool enough to drink after 6 hours. It's still large enough that she'll have sufficient water but small enough that it's not too big for her hands or backpack. Bought this for my Grandaughter and she loves it. Love this bottle, easy to carry and keeps water cold. It actually came a day early. Fits nicely inside of a backpack. I'm definitely planning on buying more from Hydroflask because I'm now a diehard customer! Keeps contents cold or hot! It's a real hydro, I was kind of scared it would be fake but it is 100% real. The finish started coming off the first one we had. Love it! This water bottle is awesome; stays cold even in a hot car during the summer months.. Boyfriend uses this everyday, makes me regret I didn't get one for myself lol. Easy to clean and it looks good too! Not too big to carry around. Love the hydro flask but I bought a straw for it and it makes a lot of noise and hard to sip out of it. Just add a little ice and stays cold for hours. Highly recommend! keeps my water cool, it's beautiful, light weight and it's NOT PLASTIC!! This one is durable and holds decals well!!! I love my hydroflask and have many friends who have also loved theirs. DO NOT MACHINE WASH, it will rust. Solid and sturdy. Buy it. Love how long this keeps the water cool. Then drove 2 hours and parked my car for 6 hours in sweltering heat. It keeps my drinks fresh for the whole day. Keeps stuff cold forever, even with lid off. Quick shipping, perfect size water bottle for my middle school son. Keeps our water very cool. I love the coating on the outside. I have heard very good things about Hydro Flasks and they were not wrong. Just as described. I bought it to use in the bottle holder on my bike, so for convenience I did purchase a separate cap with a straw lid. They love them. Enjoy using it very much! My son really likes the size more narrow than the traditional one for his smaller hands, great blue color! Awesome company! In Israel the climate is very dry and very useful for me, keeping the water always cold. It's been a few months & I really like my cup. I was especially surprised when I leaned forward to sit down after setting it on my desk and dropped my forehead right on top of the bottle. There is nothing wrong with the one he had last year aside from a few scratches and dings but he just wanted a different color for this year. Awesome flask! It's made well and looks good. This is a great size for anyone who doesn't want to carry a big heavy water bottle and is in and out of the house a lot. Kept my drinks ice cold all day long and then some. Here are pros and cons: Two weeks in and I'm loving it. I just want them to drink water! Durable, leak proof and so cool looking. Does a good job of keeping drink cold for quite a long time. I take mine everywhere. Our entire family has at least one each of all 3 major bottle brands .... trying to avoid buying bottled water to cut down on the earths plastic crisis. I've been using it for a few months and i still love it. This is the perfect water bottle that incorporates an amazing temperature-keeping tech that keeps COLD drinks COLD and HOT drinks HOT. Easy to clean with bottle brushes because the mouth is pretty wide. I must admit, I was whining about the price of the Hydro Flask bottles but purchased one anyway. Of course, it is perfect for a number of other uses. Kept liquid cold even during a 115 degree day in AZ! 0 0. We all got one! Leak proof and most importantly it keeps my water ice cold! I need to carry water with me as I walk on a cruise ship. it's held up and stays cold. My daughter wanted one for a while and bought it for herself. I love my hydroflask! Why she couldn't pick a cheaper one I don't know. This thing is gorgeous, feels solid, very well constructed. I just love my latest Hydro Flask! Gotta hand wash it--or so they say. Fortunately, I was able to order a pack of 3 lids that have a straw and a spout option, so that fixed my problem. It's a Hydro! Love it. My water will stay cold for a whole day. It's made well and looks good. Got the navy blue one, my favorite color. 95 degree temp. I wish that my bigger ones would fit in cup holders, but this one works great for that. I've had no trouble with leaking yet. She has stickers on it and they stick well. Poured cold water from my refrigerator into the flask. Don't leak, keep drinks cold, and the bottle doesn't sweat. Recommend. This hydroflask is by far the best water bottle i've ever owned. This hydro flask is so nice, it's got a sleek look and nice feel. Very satisfied with the Hydro Flask brand. So impressed! I 10/10 recommend purchasing one. I like the weight and size of the water bottle. Drinking while walking is a bit difficult because you actually have to unscrew the bottle and it has quite a large opening so spilling water is possible. I like the hydro Flask I thought it was going to be fake but it wasn't I took it to school and my ice cubes stayed there all day. Great size, love the color, the handle makes it easier to carry or clip to hang, and it keeps the drink cold for the whole day. It keeps my water cool for hours on end and keeps my hot drinks hot. and no shade. You can put cold water in it in the morning and drink that water the next day! Good size, like the color and texture - easy to grip, and it keeps my water COLD for hours. 5 stars. Keep my water cold and does not leak. You can also pair it with our handy Straw Lid and Hydro Flip Lid. They sent me one right out, received today. Keeps my water super cold! It was as expected. The jade is darker than it appears in most pictures. Excellent quality and a perfect light blue for my daughter who is attending UNC this fall. This water bottle really works! Good I like the product keeps the ice cool for long time. Extremely durable, fully leak proof. It actually came a day early. Mantiene el hielo por muchas horas y muy bonitos colores. I also bought the straw attachment and am so glad I did. The product was as advertised and was delivered on time. It's a beautiful light periwinkle-lilac color. These do dent if you drop them though, so I would recommend that you purchase the protector for the bottom.

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