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“Is it possible” thus asks Gibbs, “for machines made by industrial civilization to save us from industrial civilization?” (17:10). After engaging briefly with some of the well-deserved criticisms the film has received thus far, there are nevertheless some important aspects brought to our attention by the movie. The payments are determined based on generation”, GMP said in 2016. “When I looked up how much battery storage there is, it was less than one-tenth of one percent of what’s needed”, he says, presenting a pie chart (augh) of IEA data with a minuscule slice from batteries. Please join me on this journey back in time. You gotta have it idling.

South Australia’s huge battery storage project is being expanded. Getting Rid of the Mud-water, but Keeping the Baby, Besides valid reasons like the above, what struck me as most troubling was the grim and rather accusatory tone of the documentary. And thus our very language betrays us. . The film wasn’t written or directed by Moore - the credit goes to his longtime collaborator Jeff Gibbs - but Moore has made the rounds promoting the film, including an appearance with Stephen Colbert. “I love that they are generating local power. It tells us what to believe (economic growth will lead to the benefit of all), how to behave (rational and disciplined at the workplace, unrestrained and narcissistic at the shopping mall), and what to value (“Life is Now”, as Visa trumpeted rather conveniently, and dogmatically). And it’s the 300-year-old, now-taken-for-granted story of our increasingly urbanized, Techno-Industrial Age: namely, that we are the captains of our souls and the masters of our fates, and that we attain that fate through technology, production, and consumption. I’d include examples of grids with higher percentages operating without a hitch today, but it feels almost cruel.

How an Aussie invention could soon cut 5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, Australia could fall apart under climate change. Some renewables systems use gas turbines to fill the gap when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. Sunray 2 and 3 are now generating electricity – significantly more than the old site. (Deism is a modern distortion of ancient Christianity, presenting us with a deity that’s detached from the world, which is then purportedly left for us to control as we discover and master its immutable laws.).

On a similar vein, world-renowned Professor Emeritus of Community Planning at the University of British Columbia, William Rees, has recently shown the limitations of renewables and remains a pessimist facing what he labels as a “superficial support for the notion that green tech is our savior.” To back his claim, Rees points out how building just one typical wind turbine requires 817 energy-intensive tonnes of steel, 2,270 tonnes of concrete, and 41 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic. The Guardian, too, implicitly takes sides with furious scientists calling to take down the movie—not least because fact-checks are revealing the film’s slim evidence to back up some claims. - iNFO Vi, Solar panels are more efficient than you’ve heard.

That is a serious vulnerability. So, too, more or less argues the film. Others label it ‘speciesism’ and ‘technopoly’, even as one corporation praised it by making us sing “You got the whole world in your hands, with Mastercard at your command.”. - Right and So Wrong, An Environmental Advocate's Response to 'Planet of the Humans' |, Solar panels are more efficient than you've heard. May 6, 2020 3.53pm EDT Documentary maker Michael Moore’s latest offering, Planet of the Humans, rightly argues that infinite growth on a finite planet is “suicide”. Gibbs has created a self-sustaining argument here. It is clear, digging into these early posts, that he very passionately loathes the burning of trees to generate energy – a wildly controversial and genuinely problematic thing, for sure. This is the the first in a series on Planet of the Humans. Intentionally or not, the film’s sorrowful approach begins to dismantle this very ‘scheme of things’; one that has made us believe that we are alone, at the center, in control of an inert universe without ultimate meaning. He also asks rhetorically whether his side (the environmental side) has an unspoken religion, even as the Right has Christianity and a belief in infinite fossil fuels. 2008. Planet of the Humans is directed and narrated by longtime Moore collaborator Jeff Gibbs. Gibbs: Do you ever go to things where they just go “Oh, that’s not true, it doesn’t matter we’re going to have a smart grid”? in the Guardian, a media outlet normally careful to not boost climate-denier grade misinformation. I feel like I’ve been transported back in time ten years, back to my early days in the renewable energy industry. It is clear that Gibbs has been trying to make this documentary for a long, long time. But that 8% figure is at least 20 years old.

. As one observer in the film says, the people in charge aren’t nervous enough. Environmentalists say the film has caused untold damage when climate action has never been more urgent. “We’ve talked to sales agents. Then, and only then, will any light shine like the dawn.

Climate sceptics have welcomed a new documentary by filmmaker Michael Moore.

This material could make them even better. Emeritus Professor, School of Science, Griffith University.

The film features a parade of – solely – white Americans, mostly male, insisting the planet has to reduce its population. It’s tough to look past how popular this has been. But scroll back up to Denmark, above, where a combination of interconnection with other countries, massive wind build-out and coal and gas shutdown has cleaned up the grid. 546,000,000 “Giga BTUs” is 546,000,000,000,000 BTUs. I don’t have the energy to glue together every single fragile thing that this bulldozer has destroyed. You’ve got to have that power. The solar panels now installed on more than two million Australian roofs typically operate at at 15-20% efficiency. Could its polarizing stance somehow serve Gibb’s insistence to untangle the ecological cause from the story of unceasing economic growth—even of so-called ‘green’ economic growth—that continues to dictate the north of our industrialized societies? Gibbs obviously has a long-running gripe with biomass, which has a whole range of serious issues associated with it. In fact, it was big in 2012, when I came across it in Australian media. Solar developers are figuring out more sustainable pathways than the boom and bust of government subsidies. 97,631 megawatt hours in 2018. Under this worldview, ‘nature’ is not a ‘Home’ but a ‘resource’; we are not earthly humans but technological ‘citizens’ (and now virtual ‘Internauts’); countries are not made of communities of earth-dwellers but of abstract ‘markets’ of X or Y number of ‘consumers’. For a long time, gas was sold as a transition fuel, including by organisations like the Breakthrough Institute. (Who needs to pray for rain for crops when one is a click away from a Caesar’s salad or a Papa John’s pizza?)

The same can be said of coal-fired power stations, oil refineries and gas pipelines. This one, for instance, repeats a bog-standard list of anti-wind and anti-solar memes that, back in 2010, were fashionable among climate deniers. It won’t be fun, but I’m glad you’re here with me. I wish I had the emotional energy to go into it, but I have spent it all. You would have been better off just burning fossil fuels in the first place, instead of playing pretend” . Those, of course, are questions for another occasion. How an Aussie invention could soon cut 5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Some claims are valid. “Planet of the Humans” by the end of April had more than 4.7 million views and fairly high scores at the movie critic review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Then, and only then, will any light shine like the dawn. Nor is it about the harm from fossil fuels. The spotlight falls elsewhere. It says politicians are reluctant to talk about limits to population growth “because that would be bad for business”. In the desert. Edit note #1 – 28/04/2020 – A kind commenter pointed out I’d snapped the wrong sub-section of SEGS in the satellite imagery (which explains why I couldn’t find the entrance gate on street view! Critics have compiled a long list of questionable claims made in the film. It’s important to be really clear about this: Zehner’s remarks in this film are toxic misinformation, on par with the worst climate change deniers. 1. But he ends up at population control – a cruel, evil and racist ideology that you can see coming right from the start of the film. Ian Lowe received funding from the National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Council for a study of Australia's energy needs from 1980 to 2030. Building a world of resilient communities, Resources for a better Future: Renewable energy, Comparative impact of nuclear and renewables on CO2 emissions, How to Make Biomass Energy Sustainable Again, The Green New Old Deal: a New Industrial Policy When We Need a de-Industrial Policy, The Political Economy of Deep Decarbonization: Tradable Energy Quotas for Energy Descent Futures: Paper excerpt. This material could make them even better. But as early as 2010, Gibbs was posting HuffPost blogs extending that into wind and solar, too. But the claim that solar panels generate less energy in their lifetime than that taken to manufacture them has long been disproved. Griffith University provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. Australia could fall apart under climate change.

Not only is the documentary bad, it’s old bad. It would not be true even if, as the film says, solar panels converted just 8% of the energy they receive into electricity. Here are a few: 1.

This extremely silly concept – that coal-fired power stations run at 100% capacity all the time regardless of how much power they output – is so old it hurts my brain. It is not my aim here to make a case for believing in a transcendental Agent, but simply to acknowledge how director Jeff Gibbs might be unknowingly inviting us to shed the same tears of the God testified to and experienced by the descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

Edit note #3 – 01/05/2020 – Correcting my own edit! There was no chance he would be talking to climate activists, talking to young people, talking to experts, talking to community advocates, talking to people from other countries, or really talking to anyone who wasn’t already mostly in his vicinity. Even if commonly dismissed by large strands of the scientific and humanist communities in our scientific age, here lays one of the fundamental insights of what we call ‘religion’ or ‘spirituality’; namely, their ability to disclose the ultimate horizons that should inform and inspire our lives. More worryingly, what Gibbs calls “the narrow solution of green technology” keeps feeding the pockets of a smaller few at the expense of the greater rest, leaving underlying societal problems unattended. They must have visited in the short time between this replacement process. The dismissal of solar panels (14:45, a scene whose panels arguably date from 2008), for instance, is done on the ground of their inefficiency.

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