princess agents story ending

Though i usually like a little comedy like ten miles peach blossom but probably give it a go for the visual & plotline. Cow Cuddling Florida, Her face turning red with embarrassment when Wen Yue just nonchalantly takes off his robe and whispers into her ear “Does it still hurt?” Feeling her own face burning even hotter if that was possible, Chu Qiao wonders why she could command thousands on the battlefields but when it comes to things such as this, she is like an innocent lass who has never step outside of her room. characters come and go with absolutely no follow through. Here is a link to that post:, Hi @ninjareflection, when I clicked on the link above it says page not found? I dont know if I missed any part as I really have no ideas how he could escape from the situation? Recent Shooting In Columbus, Ga, One thing that I appreciate in there was that LSS is the number one actress looking both beautiful and convincing in men clothes, and people are super smart to know she’s a woman. After going through multiple stages of grief yesterday, I have reached acceptance.

The ‘ice lake’ ending way too short to show CQ finally realized how much she love him; and they should have at least gave the fans the closure. I asked you a question. Also, I hated how CQ was all over the place.

i can't wait to see the princess agent season 2. so, why didn't he look for her earlier? !Yan xun dares to hurt him!! Chu Qiao was known as Agent 005 within the Secret Service's 11th Division in her former life. See if I go by your words (once again), hiding the truth is the same as lying. Also I wish someone would have hit Chuen'er upside the head with a 2X4 when she was into one of her self indulgent 10 minute poor pitiful me sobbing sessions and put her lame butt out of commission for good. Giving Wen Yue a glare, Chu Qiao pulls on his arms and says “Go back to your own room while the hallway is empty.” this is the reason that up to now, i can’t bring myself to watch the last episode…i will just make myself upset for the whole week after binge-ing this past few weeks! I think “On My Own” from Les Miserables perfectly portrays Chun Er, while for Yan Xun the lyrics of Evita’s “You Must Love Me” shows his need for Chu Qiao’s validation :D. Can’t think yet of songs for Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao, though once I considered Phantom of the Opera. Some people will find that charming, I don’t. (I can see the admiration on MF’s face and I am right along with you on that girl) Not sure if I wanna watch after reading all these comments..

I personally didn’t see the other ship at all since it felt like she treated YX as a younger brother and there was no attraction from her part. However, she felt betrayed and was heartbroken when YX kept using her repeatedly, especially to kill YWY. Go on living.” before using the last of his strength to push Chu Qiao up towards the surface. ), they did not do anything with it.

Such a weird thing.”

But I agree they could have the ending much better way.. !That heartless Yan Xun! ��, Me and my mom just finished watching this tonight and we watched this in just 3-4 days I think (like we’ve been watching this for 12-15 hrs a day as far as I remember LOL). Save YX’s life…Failed Like “Star Yue” and “Yan Chu” versions?? And actors, no matter how great, need to be able to tell a story – which they were not able to do here.

The book is far better and might actually make you rage more about PA’s production because of how much they butchered the story lol Here’s one place to read it There were some draggy bits but I still loved it. Another aspect I’m super happy about is their fast English subs, it really warms my heart to know there are so many more English speakers who are interested in the drama. It’s finally ending! “It’s the Qinghai army!” Running up to Chu Qiao, a soldier covered in blood exclaims “General! You have read my mind! Doubting Ling Xi's identity, Jiu Chen kept her as his maid.

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