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/Resources << Praeger, research paper (London: Crisis State Research Center, London School of …, Sanctuary Practices in International Perspectives: Migration, Citizenship …, Small Wars & Insurgencies 16 (2), 241-251, Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, Concordia …, New articles related to this author's research, Denial of sanctuary: Understanding terrorist safe havens, Terrorist sanctuaries and Bosnia-Herzegovina: Challenging conventional assumptions, Bosnian security after Dayton: New perspectives, Making Sense of Proxy Wars: States, Surrogates and the Use of Force, Monitoring and evaluation tools for counterterrorism program effectiveness, Deconstructing political orthodoxies on insurgent and terrorist sanctuaries, Protected status, sacred sites, black holes and human agents: System, sanctuary and terrain complexity, Denial-of-Resource Operations and NPFL Radio Dominance in the Liberian Civil War, Political communication in Wartime Liberia: themes and concepts. Prime Minister Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations on 12 February 2008 is a welcome development for the recognition of the injustices suffered by Indigenous Australians at the hands of Australian governments. Improving health service access and wellbeing of young Aboriginal parents in an urban setting: mixed methods evaluation of an arts-based program, Filling the Gap: an evaluation of a voluntary dental program within an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled primary health service, Beyond Sorry-the first steps in laying claim to a future that embraces all Australians, Learning about Aboriginal health and wellbeing at the postgraduate level: novel application of the Growth and Empowerment Measure, Healing, Empowerment and Resilience Across the Lifespan - Views from an Academic Unit, Sitting 'round the table of rights-based reconciliation: a health perspective, A Resource for Collective Healing for Members of the Stolen Generations: Planning, implementing and evaluating effective local response, Social determinants of Australia's First Peoples' health: a multi-level empowerment perspective, What's stopping us now?
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/Length 4305 The ‘stolen generations’ and cultural ge nocide 3 should concentrate on more practical endeavours to improve Aboriginal health, housing education and employment. The ones marked. It is a story of private misery and degradation, caused by a complex chain of historical circumstance, that continues into /Filter /FlateDecode stream >> of War Studies, King's College London‬ - ‪Cited by 197‬ - ‪International relations‬ - ‪international security‬ - ‪international organization‬ - ‪political uses of information‬ - ‪applied history‬ The following articles are merged in Scholar. Peter Read, The Stolen Generations: The Removal of Aboriginal Children in New South Wales 1883 to 1969, NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Sydney, 1996. Search Google Scholar; Export Citation; Armstrong K., ‘ Spirituality, health, stolen generation(s) and reconciliation with our indigenous peoples: Childhood – the missing dimension ’, Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal 26 (5) (2002): 26.
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