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The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples came into being in 2007 after more than 20 years of collaboration among Indigenous peoples and states. 1 Resolution adopted by the General Assembly [without reference to a Main Committee (A/61/L.67 and Add.1)]61/295. Particular attention shall be paid to the rights and special needs of indigenous elders, women, youth, children and persons with disabilities in the implementation of this Declaration. The International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Read Online (Free) relies on page scans, which are not currently available to screen readers. 0000004751 00000 n 0000001376 00000 n Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders. This page was processed by aws-apollo5 in. The International and Comparative Law Quarterly 0000011175 00000 n 0000006734 00000 n It continues to offer practitioners and academics wide topical coverage without compromising rigorous editorial standards. Encouraging States to comply with and effectively implement all their obligations as they apply to indigenous peoples under international instruments, in particular those related to human rights, in consultation and cooperation with the peoples concerned. 0000009493 00000 n Cambridge University Press is committed by its charter to disseminate knowledge as widely as possible across the globe. States shall also take effective measures to ensure, as needed, that programmes for monitoring, maintaining and restoring the health of indigenous peoples, as developed and implemented by the peoples affected by such materials, are duly implemented. Indigenous individuals have the rights to life, physical and mental integrity, liberty and security of person. Indigenous peoples have the right to the recognition, observance and enforcement of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements concluded with States or their successors and to have States honour and respect such treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements. 0000227847 00000 n Affirming that indigenous peoples are equal to all other peoples, while recognizing the right of all peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, And to be respected as such. The country, under … States, in consultation and cooperation with indigenous peoples, shall take effective measures to facilitate the exercise and ensure the implementation of this right. 0000010687 00000 n States shall, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, take effective measures, in order for indigenous individuals, particularly children, including those living outside their communities, to have access, when possible, to an education in their own culture and provided in their own language. On this issue, see also J Gilbert, 'Indigenous Rights in the Making: the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples' (2007) 14 Intl J on … Recognizing and reaffirming that indigenous individuals are entitled without discrimination to all human rights recognized in international law, and that indigenous peoples possess collective rights which are indispensable for their existence, well-being and integral development as peoples. 0000012381 00000 n %%EOF A. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (‘UNDRIP’). 0000010030 00000 n Particular attention shall be paid to the rights and special needs of indigenous elders, women, youth, children and persons with disabilities. A Research Handbook on Indigenous Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar (2014), Forthcoming, 16 Pages Select the purchase 0000106123 00000 n This is an earlier version of the chapter published in the above collection. All Rights Reserved. States shall in consultation and cooperation with indigenous peoples take specific measures to protect indigenous children from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child's education, or to be harmful to the child's health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development, taking into account their special vulnerability and the importance of education for their empowerment. States shall establish and implement assistance programmes for indigenous peoples for such conservation and protection, without discrimination. 0000000016 00000 n Together with other human rights instruments and growing human rights jurisprudence concerning This includes the right to maintain, protect and develop the past, present and future manifestations of their cultures, such as archaeological and historical sites, artefacts, designs, ceremonies, technologies and visual and performing arts and literature. 8 UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES FOREwORD The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) constitutes a landmark in the struggle of indigenous peoples world-wide, including in Africa. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : resolution / adopted by the General Assembly Publisher UN General Assembly Publication Date 2 October 2007 Topics Indigenous persons Citation / Document

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